Thank you for using Khoji!

Our mission is to bring nepali fashion brands to everyone and inspire them to create a fashion they love. To do that, we show you personalised content and ads we think you`ll be interested in based on information we collect from you . We only use that information where we have a proper legal basis for doing so. We wrote this policy to help you understand what information we collect, how we use it and what choices you have about it. Because we`re an internet company, some of the concepts below are a little technical, but we’ve tried our best to explain things in a simple and clear way. We welcome your questions and comments on this policy.

We collect information in a few different ways

  1. 1. When you give it to us or give us permission to obtain it

    When you sign up for or use Khoji you voluntarily share certain information including your name, email address, phone number, photos, favourite , comments, and any other information you give us. You can also choose to share your precise location using your device settings or through photos. We will still use your IP address, which is used to approximate your location, even if you don't choose to share your precise location. You will also have the option to share other information about yourself such as your gender, age and preferred language.
    If you connect your Facebook, Google or other third-party accounts to Khoji, we use information from those accounts (such as your friends or contacts) to improve your experience. This is dependent on the privacy policies or settings for those accounts.

  2. 2. We also get technical information when you use Khoji

    When you use a website, mobile application or other internet service, certain internet and electronic network activity information gets created and logged automatically. Here are some of the types of information we collect:

    • ● Log data. When you use Khoji, our servers record information (“log data”), including information that your browser automatically sends whenever you visit a website, or that your mobile app automatically sends when you’re using it. This log data includes your Internet Protocol address (which we use to infer your approximate location), the address of and activity on websites you visit that incorporate Khoji features (like the “Save” button—more details below), searches, browser type and settings, the date and time of your request, how you used Khoji, cookie data and device data.
    • ● Cookie data. We also use “cookies” (small text files sent by your computer each time you visit our website, unique to your Khoji account or your browser) or similar technologies to get log data. When we use cookies or other similar technologies, we use session cookies (that last until you close your browser) or persistent cookies (that last until you or your browser delete them).
    • ● Device information. In addition to log data, we collect information about the device you’re using Khoji on, including the type of device, operating system, settings, unique device identifiers and crash data that helps us understand when something breaks.
    • ● Clickstream data and inferences When you’re on Khoji, we use your activity—such as you click on, favourite you create, and any text that you add in a comment or description—along with information you provided when you first signed up and information from our partners and advertisers to make inferences about you and your preferences. For example, if you click of the clothes you like for example dresses , we may infer you are into dresses.
    • ● Online advertisers or third parties share information with us to measure, report on or improve the performance of ads on Khoji, or to figure out what kinds of ads to show you on or off of Khoji. This includes information about your visits to an advertiser's site or purchases you made from them, or information about your interests from a third-party service, which we might use to help show you ads.

    What we do with the info we collect

    We’re committed to showing you content that’s relevant, interesting, and personal to you. To do that, we use your information to provide and improve your experience, including:

    • Identify you when you use Khoji.
    • Recommend fashion wear or categories you might like based on your activity on Khoji.
    • Respond to your questions or comments.

    We have a legitimate interest for using your info in these ways.

    We also have a legitimate interest in making Khoji safe and improving our product features so you keep finding the inspiration you want. We all benefit when we use your information to:

    • Suggest other people who have similar interests. For example, if you follow certain brands or design, we may suggest designers that you might like.
    • Review your messages on Khoji to detect activity that poses a risk to the safety of you, our community, and/or members of the public.
    • Conduct analytics and research on who is using Khoji and what they are doing.
    • Advertise Khoji products and services to you on other sites. You can choose for us not to share your information with other sites to personalize those ads by following the instructions here.
    • Send you updates (such as when certain activity, like saves or comments, happens on Khoji) and news by email or push notification, depending on your settings. For example, we send weekly updates that you may like. You can decide to stop getting these notifications by updating your settings.

    We have a legitimate interest in delivering ads that are relevant, interesting, and personal to you in order to generate revenue. To further these interests we use the information we collect to:

    • Where we use cookies to identify your offsite interests, we’ll get your consent where we need to. Where ad partners or other third parties share information with us about you, we rely on the consent they already obtained.
    • We have a legitimate interest in using information we collect to customize your Khoji experience based on your offsite behavior. In addition to the specific circumstances above, we’ll only use your information with your consent in order to:
      • Allow searching with photos. For example, if you take a photo of a pair of shoes or a piece of furniture you like, you can ask us to show you similar items. You can opt in to this in your device operating system settings.
      • Send you marketing materials by email, text, push notification, or phone call depending on your account or operating system settings. Each time we send you marketing materials, we give you the option to unsubscribe.
      • Identify your precise location and customize the recommendations and ads we show you.
      • Depending on where you live and your settings, tell our ad partners how their ads are doing using the Khoji.

    Choices you have about your info

    Our goal is to give you simple and meaningful choices regarding your information. If you have a Khoji account, many of these controls are built directly into Khoji or your settings. For example, you can:

    • Edit information in your profile at any time, decide whether your profile is available to search engines, or choose whether others can find your Khoji account using your email address.

    You also have choices available to you through the device or software you use to access Khoji. For example:

    • The browser you use lets you control cookies or other types of local data storage.
    • Your mobile device lets you choose how and whether your precise location, photos, contacts, and other data is shared with us.

    To learn more about these choices, please see the information provided by your device or software provider.

    How and when we share information

    We may share your information with:

    • Services we use to market Khoji to you on sites and apps other than Khoji, such as Facebook Ads, Google Marketing Platform, Microsoft Advertising, LinkedIn Advertising, The Trade Desk, and others from time to time. You can opt-out of sharing with such advertising services in your settings.
    • Online advertisers and third-party companies that we or they use to audit or improve the delivery and performance of ads or content on websites and apps (for example, through Google Analytics).
    • Third-party companies, service providers, or individuals that we employ to process information on our behalf based on our instructions and for the purposes described in this Privacy Policy. For example, we share data with security consultants to help us get better at identifying spam. Some information we acquire may be collected by third-party providers on our behalf.
    • Law enforcement agencies or government agencies. We only share information if we believe that disclosure is reasonably necessary to comply with a law, regulation, or legal request; to protect the safety, rights, or property of the public.
    • Our wholly-owned subsidiaries and affiliates. If we were to engage in a merger, acquisition, bankruptcy, dissolution, reorganization, or similar transaction or proceeding that involves the transfer of the information described in this Policy, we would share your information with a party involved in such a process (for example, a potential purchaser).

    How long we keep your information

    We keep your information only so long as we need it to provide Khoji to you and fulfill the purposes described in this policy. When we no longer need to use your information and there is no need for us to keep it to comply with our legal or regulatory obligations, we’ll either remove it from our systems or depersonalize it so that we can't identify you.

    Our policy on children’s information

    Children under 13 are not allowed to use Khoji. If you are based in the EEA you may only use Khoji if you are over the age at which you can provide consent to data processing under the laws of your country.

    Your options

    You have options in relation to the information that we have about you. To exercise these options, please visit your account settings and, if you still need help, our Help Center.

    • Request access to the information we collect and hold about you. We'll usually share this with you within 30 days of you asking us for it through our Help Center.
    • Have your information corrected or deleted. You can update your information in your profile or delete your data by closing your account.
    • Opt out of targeted advertising. Some of the activities described in this policy may be considered “targeted advertising” under some laws. You can control how we use and disclose information to show you ads on and off Khoji by following the instructions in your Privacy and Data Settings. We also support settings such as Limit Ad Tracking in iOS, Ads Personalization in Android devices as well as Do Not Track in browsers. Learn more about how Do Not Track affects our collection and use of data collected off of Khoji.
    • Request more details about the information we collect and how and why we use and share it.

    We will not discriminate against you if you choose to exercise your options related to your personal information. If we deny your request, you may have the right to appeal our decision by contacting us. We work to be clear with you about your options and the consequences of exercising certain options. If you have questions, please contact us.

    How we make changes to this policy

    We may change this policy from time to time, and if we do, we’ll post any changes on this page. If you continue to use Khoji after those changes are in effect, you agree to the new policy. If the changes are significant, we may provide a more prominent notice or get your consent, as required by law.

    Contact us

    The best way to get in touch with us or to exercise your options described above is through the Help Center.